Defined in: src/js/core/pro.js:75
Module: proact-core

Defines the possible states of the ProAct.Actor instances.

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Number final

A closed ProAct object.

For example Streams that can emmit events anymore are closed streams.

Properties which value can not be updated are closed (constants).


Number final

Ended it's lifecycle.

Every ProAct.Actor can be destroyed. All the resources it uses are freed. All the dependent objects don't depend on it anymore.

For example if an application has states/routing, Actors that were active in one of the states should be destroyed before going into other route/state.


Number final

Error has occured in the ProAct.Actor's lifecycle.

For example, if there was an exception in the object's initialization.


Number final

Initialized : It is not usable yet.

For example a computed property (property depending on other properties/actors) is in init state when it's created and not read yet. When something reads its value it computes it for the the first time and becomes in ready state.


Number final

Ready for use.

Active Actors have this state. It can be listened to, it can be updated and notify all of its dependencies.